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Last week review 12-2016 and i wish all my readers and their families a happy easter ..

Last week review 12-2016In the first article this week we dealed with Panorama Studio in the most recent version 3.01 , which improved a lot. The software is offered in a regular and a pro version. The later one is with a price tag of 69 ,– € a very  good value compared to PTGui Pro. If you only do single-row panorama you could use the regular version, but then there is the question why not use the free of charge tool from Microsoft.

Last week review 12-2016The Pro version handles single and multiple row panorama very good and even sphere panorams will work out without any problem. If you put some effort in the nadirshot then the viewpoint corrcetion, introduced with version3, lets you vanish the tripod, just like with PTGui or Hugin.

The are some inaccuracy comparing the preview to the final result, but anyway Panorama Studio is a recommendable software and an alternative to PTGui.

Last week review 12-2016In the second article for this week we took a look on  Lightroom on the web, sort of Lightroom Mobile which is browser based. And Adobe implemtented technology previews. Lightroom on the web itsself allows you to edit your images, either those manually uploaded or synchronized via the cloud functions. Just like in Lightroom Mobile the editing options won’t cover up everything, but parameters like expsure, white balance, and cropping can be applied to the images. Changes on synchronized images are also visible in the Lightroom catalog.

Last week review 12-2016The technology preview delas with a new search routine, which sort of automatically adds keywords to the images. After indexing is done you can search like “building” and you’ll get every image with a building in it. This search is experimental and so far only available in english. We’ll have to wait and see the further development. I hope this search is more exact like the face recognition introduced with Lightroom 6.

Last week review 12-2016And sort of an easter surprise Google offered a very special easter egg, the Google Nik collection are for free now. Go ahead and download the tools. The image processing tools are realized as plugins for Lightroom and Photoshop und consists of  Sharpener, Silver Efex,HDR Efex and more plugins. Maybe this offer will bother all those people who licensed the collection shortly. The Google statement to concentrate more on web image editing makes it pretty clear that this software isn’t activly developed any further and probably will like Picasa weeks ago. I downloaded the tools to check them out. But Google promised to refund all people licensed the Nik collection in 2016.

An eventful week and i  hope that some of the articles on this blog gained your interests and i look ahead to your comments/suggestions. I wish all my readers and their families a happy easter.

Did you change your cameras clock to daylight saving time?

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