Last week review 42-2023

Week in Review 42-2023 and the nights are starting to get chilly 🙁

Last week review 42-2023

This week was the new Lightroom Classic version 13 a topic, which Adobe has released. To this version there was in the meantime also another update, because there probably some bugs have crept in.

2 new features stand out in the V13, that is once the point factory controls and the lens blur, which can now be added artificially to photos. With this you can achieve a separation between foreground and background, so as if the shot was taken with a fast lens.

Such a function is of course based on the fact that the main object of the photo is recognized but above all masked cleanly. Unfortunately, the latter does not always work, because areas that are actually on the same plane sometimes remain sharp or become blurred.

Last week review 42-2023

Another function is the point color. This switch or slider simplifies the handling of the colors, because here the 3 parameters color, luminance and saturation were implemented in a slider. Also that one can work on so several color ranges of the picture is really succeeded.

In addition, Adobe probably strengthens the processing in HDR mode for HDR capable monitors or you can even simulate that. Overall, a successful version 13 in my opinion.

Last week review 42-2023

What I found less nice now was that my desktop PC wouldn’t boot. It’s still the AMD Ryzen 1700X I put together more than 6 years ago. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my system for a while now.

On Tuesday the PC wouldn’t boot or I didn’t see any drives. However, the SSD on another PC was working fine. I’ve already swapped cables and changed the sata ports, but so far no luck. Maybe next week I will try again to find out the cause. But I already see that I have to look for a new system.

Then finally, next week a new feature of Luminar NEO will be released, called GenErase. It is an intelligent deletion tool that deletes unwanted details, such as the trash, and fills in the missing parts of the image accordingly.

Last week review 42-2023

All in all another very eventful week. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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