A new keyboard/mouse combination

You probably know that, saturday evening and either your mouse or the keyboard suddenly won’t work any more. Naturely there is store open at this time 😉

This happens to me once in while and then your stuck. OK for those scenarios i can use the laptop as a backup computer, since the main programs i’m using like Photoshop or Lightroom are aslo installed on the notebook, but i’ve all program installed and a notebook is of course not as fast as a desktop pc.

A new keyboard/mouse combination

Last weekend it happend again, a small contact within the mouse lost contact to the battery so there was no chance. For very bad cases i have a keyboard from my server, since you can do everything from a ssh client. But this time store were open.

I saw the Rappo 90606 Desktop combination at a local dealer, which is pretty small wireless keyboard with a laptop sized mouse. Allthough i have enough room on my desktop i like small keyboards very much, so this little keyboard with its metal corpus did it to me. The combination is sold for arround 25-30,– €, which is a fair price. The keyboard only has a length of 340mm and includes a number block.

For the first impression take a look at the video.

As i mentioned in the video batteries are included, which is not self-evident (ok the batteries are no high-quality ones, but that’s ok for the price), and you start right away after plugging the reciever to a free USB-Port. The battery sizes are different, you’ll need 2 AAA batteries for the keyboard and 2 AA size for the mouse, why not euqal sizes for the batteries.

The keys for the letters and the numbers are big enough too me, only the distancce between the seperate keys seems to be smaller, causing a get used phase for every new keyboard for me.

I’m not a fan of num-block but this keyboard has one. What i’m missing is a stanard for the postion of the page-up and page-down or the cursor keys. Teh seperate cursor block is a little bit small too me, but this is lmost the end of critical points, except if you need the num block you’ll have to press an additional Fn- key to activitae page down or up keys.

The mouse has the size of a notebook mouse and remindes me a little bit on the Logitech M-305. The reciever can be plugged to the mouse for transportation purposes.

Taken all facts into consideration a very good product, if you like relativly small keyboards. The keyboard doesn’t appear cheap due to the metal corpus, even though the battery compartment is manufactured from plastic.

Do you have experiences with the Rapoo desktop combination or similiar small keyboards. Just let me know in the comments.

ciao tuxoche




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