7 inch keyboard

A 7 inch keyboard 😉 no i looked for a a keyboard for my  [post id=60]Nexus Tablet[/post] , because the virtuall displaykeyboard takes almost half of the display place.

Older blog entries referenced only a english keyboard layout, but this keyboard is also availbale with a german keyboard layout. I ordered the keyboard here.

7 inch keyboardThe keyboard is delivered from china, but when the package arrived i found a german sender adress on the package. The delivery took about 14 days and worked out without any problems.

On the right hand side there are only 2 buttons, one for the connection and the power button. The control LED indicate a bluetooth connection and charging the keyboard.

In the package you’ll find a pretty good (but printed relativly small) instructions manual and a USB cable, which is used to connect te keyboard to a desktop pc or notebook to charge the battery. There is no connector to charge the keyboard without using a desktop pc.

The keyboard is cover for the tablet at the time, because the color of the back is fitting to the color of the tablet. On the first connection to Android the keyboard wasn’t recognized with the german keyboard layout, but changing this cuased no problems.

The keyboard is small that’s for sure and doesn’t offer a fast way to type, but it’s more comfortable than the virtuell display keyboard.

7 inch keyboard

The combination keyboard and tablet looks a little bit like a shrinked notebook, but longer emails or other sorts of text inpout is more convenient and therefore the keyboard is worth the money. But the keyboard doesn’t lie flat on a surface, so typing causes an irritating noise which reduces the positve impression a little bit.

What do you think about this keyboard or maybe you already have experiences with an additional keyboard for your tablet. Just let me know in the comments.

ciao tuxoche

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