After I started with a Canon 400d , which was later replaced with a 40D , my equipment today looks as follows :

I once owned a 24/2.8 , 35/2.0 and 85/1.8 prime lenses . While the 24mm was not that good , the other two were really good , but I rarely used them , so I sold the lenses .

In addition there are filters (Pol , B / Y pole , ND in 64x and 1000x ) , ND graduated filter 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 as well as a Manfrotto 055XPROB , a Berlebach Mini and a Feisol 3442 with Arca Swiss p0 .

For panoramas of the Nodal Ninja 4 is all lenses from the 17-40/4.0 to the zoom are usedused (yes I’ve done Panos with the 70-200 , although the head is only recommended to 100mm focal length) . Especially for quick 360×180° panormas i use a Fisheye Zoom together with the Nodal Ninja R1, This combination allows a full pano at 12mm on the 5D with 4 shots only.

For timelapse I used a programmable timer, but in addition also a Galaxy Tab 7.0 . Samsung Galaya S3 or a [post id=60]Nexus 7  2013[/post]. DslrController  , which although characterized as beta , works very well, you can also Timelapse but also focus Stackings control wonderful.

I’ll try with the time my experiences to the mentioned tools to publish here and I ‘m glad about comments .

ciao tuxoche