Last week review 26-2024

Weekly review 26-2026 and this week summer was here with nice summer temperatures, at least here in the area, elsewhere it was much too hot again 🙁

Last week review 26-2024

This week it was all about the equipment, or rather its transport. After the Loewepro BP150, I bought the WRND 9L Sling Bag for the smaller equipment, which is not exactly cheap at just under €150, but is comfortable to carry. As a sling bag, you can pull the bag forward and still have enough space in the main compartment for a full-frame camera with 3 lenses.

In my case, the Lumix S5 is with the 20-60mm kit, the Laowa 15mm 2.0 and the 70.300/4.5-5.6, so you are actually fully equipped with the focal length range of 15mm-300mm. The bag also offers enough space for necessary accessories, such as filters, batteries etc.

Alternatively, you can of course also pack fixed focal lengths, for me that would be the 15mm, the 50mm/1.8 and then either the 85mm/1.8 or perhaps the more universal Sigma 105mm/2.8 Macro. The lower part can be folded out and you can store a tripod in there, for example, but unfortunately my Feisol CT3442 has a diameter that is too large at the top so it doesn’t fit in there.

Last week review 26-2024

Last week review 26-2024

Then this week Adobe released version 13.4 Lightroom Classic and version 16.4 for Camera Raw. In both cases, however, there were only bug fixes and support for new lenses. The same applies to the released update of Lightroom for the iPad. The cameras are of course the Panasonic S9 and the Lumix GH7. The lenses in particular are the Sigma 28-45mm/1.8.

But first came the update for the iPad and then the versions for Windows and Mac. I haven’t updated the latter on my Macbook Air yet.

Last week review 26-2024

This week there was also an update for Luminar NEO. Skylum has brought the app up to version 1.20.0, but hasn’t implemented any new functions. Only menu structures have been changed, so that now some of the extensions are perhaps easier to access and are arranged more logically within the functions.

But there is still a summer sale until the end of July, with Luminar NEO being advertised with big discounts. With the code AFF-anR5eq you get an extra 20% discount on an order, so it’s worth ordering for all those who are interested in Luminar NEO anyway.

And finally we have an update to WordPress to version 6.5.5, as well as a security update last time.

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you like the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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