What is an my WRND Sling bag 9l

In addition to the normal backpack, I have of course always had a smaller camera bag so that I could travel with less equipment and therefore less weight.


At the time I had the Kata N30 and when I switched to mFT equipment I switched to the Loewepro BP150. Now that I have switched to the Lumix S5, the backpack still fits, but I needed a smaller bag.

By chance I came across the WandRD Sting Big 9l, which also appealed to me visually. But the question is, what fits in it and is it comfortable to carry.

I have now had the Swing Tag for almost 9 months and can already say that it is ideal for smaller equipment.


The bag basically has 3 compartments and further compartments for small items at the front and back.

What is an my WRND Sling bag 9l

The camera fits in the middle and another lens fits on the left and right. As you can see, there are 2 more zips that close off smaller compartments. These can then be used for small items such as batteries or filters.

What is an my WRND Sling bag 9l

As you can see here, I have at least 2 batteries with me, a variable ND filter and a set of ND filters with a graduation of 8-1000x. There is also a remote shutter release, polarizing filter and other small items. A compartment on the bottom of the bag can be extended further, so that either a laptop or a tripod can be taken with me. I have never used this before.

Flexible equipment

With the sling bag, I can take the Lumix S5 with the 3.5-5.6/20-60mm attached, the Laowa 15mm/2.0 and the 70-300mm/4.5-5.6 with me in addition to the small items. This means I am compact and comfortable when I am on the go and cover the focal length range of 15-300mm.

But I can travel a little lighter and take the Sigma 24mm/2.0 and the Lumix 85mm/1.8 with me in addition to the Laowa 15mm/2.0. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials.   Alternatively, depending on requirements, the 85mm/1.8 can be replaced by Sigma 105mm/2.8.


The WandRD Sling 9L is a compact bag that you can use to take compact full-format equipment with you. The sling mechanism works very well. It is comfortable to carry, so you can basically carry anything you want. At just 150,– the bag is not exactly cheap 🙂

ciao tuxoche



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