Haida ND Filter Set in a filter container

A few weeks ago I reported about the Rollei FX ND filter set, but unfortunately I had to send it back, especially because the 1000x filter had a very strong color cast.


Haida ND Filter Set im FiltercontainerThe change was caused by the switch to the Lumix S5, because I now need filters with a diameter of 77mm. After trying the Rollei filters, I ordered another set from Haida in the appropriate size, with extension factors of 8x, 64x and 1000x.

Despite the set, all filters came individually with appropriate storage boxes, but additionally with the biden lids to screw the filters all together into a compact package.

And the filters kaen with a handy little card to help convert the extension factors. Well for that you might have an app, I dan it but still good that, it was included.


Just like the Rollei filters, the Haida filters come with 2 caps so you can screw the filters together to save space.

Haida ND Filter Set in a filter container

This saves space in the photo bag and you have a  compact all ND filters that you need also really with you.


With the ND filters, shots like these are possible:

Haida ND Filter Set in a filter container
Lumix S5 6 seconds at f 9.0

However, the results in terms of color neutrality are very important. And Haida has really done a very clean job here:
Haida ND Filter Set in a filter container

According to experience, the very strong filters tend to color shifts here, but even here, the 10000x Haida filter can be called almost neutral. In any case, even a JPG as it comes out of the camera would be usable in terms of color neutrality.


I had such a set before, but because of the mFT equipment with a smaller diameter and I was not disappointed here either. Even the ND 3.0 filter can be described as de facto color neutral, so hardly any corrections are necessary.

ciao tuxoche

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