Last week review 21-2024

Weekly review 21-2024 and the weather is very mixed again. In any case, a very eventful week straight after the holiday 🙂

Last week review 21-2024

First of all, it is worth mentioning that Adobe released a new version of Lightroom Classic on Tuesday, version 13.3. This version has been given new functions that are based on AI and can replace Photoshop CC in some places. In contrast to the version number, this time it was really a big update.

First of all, there is the generative removal of parts of the image. This function allows disturbing parts of the image to be removed from the photo using AI. This can be people, cars or basically anything.

Last week review 21-2024

In principle, this works very well, except when Lightroom has to use structures in the removed area in order to preserve the Last week review 21-2024entire image content. Depending on the subject and the part of the image to be removed, you can sometimes notice that something is wrong. It can happen that an image of a person that is partially to be supplemented suddenly has 3 arms.

The other area concerns the Lens Blur function, which has now left the beta phase and works a lot better. It allows parts of the image to be manipulated as if they were out of focus when the photo was taken with a fast lens. Of course, this is also something that is sometimes not done correctly or completely with very small structures.

Overall, however, an update to Lightroom Classic that is worth seeing, and in which the AI ​​naturally has to allow functions for itself.

Last week review 21-2024

Then this week there was news from Panasonic, who introduced the Lumix G9. It is a very compact full-frame camera, but without a mechanical shutter and without a viewfinder. The sensor probably comes from the Lumix S5 II (x), but the video capabilities of such a small camera are impressive, although somewhat limited compared to its big sisters because, among other things, there is no active cooling. It is available in different colors and is probably aimed at content creators.

It will be available for 1,699 as a body and 1,999 as a combo with the 20-60mm, probably because the very compact 18-40mm is not yet available. The limitation with the shutter is considerable, the flash shoe is a cold shoe, etc. I don’t know whether it would be better to get a Lumix S5II, which is hardly available anymore.

Last week review 21-2024

And finally, I wrote a third part about my experiences with the new PC, which replaced my old PC after more than 7 years, which gave up the ghost last year. This was mainly about the excellent performance data of the new device for image and video editing.

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you like the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

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