Last week review 28-2022

Weekly review 28-2022 and the very big heat wave has failed to materialize, nevertheless it was very warm and too dry 🙁

Last week review 28-2022This week it was about a (video) cage for the Lumix S5. In contrast to the models of Smallrig, I wanted to have here but cage that can be easily removed and thus exchanged for an L-angle. So to speak, depending on the main purpose.

I have found at Nitze, which meets this requirement. This cage is only fixed with the bottom screw, but no screw is led through one of the eyelets for the camera strap.

Last week review 28-2022Nevertheless, my Smallrig handle could still be used here after I bought a Natorail bar that attaches to the top of the cage with 2 screws. Of course, the cage offers another cold shoe to attach a microphone here, for example, and I use the cold shoe on the handle to attach an external monitor. This allows you to attach your equipment very flexibly.

Last week review 28-2022Of course, there was also patchday in the middle of the month, both for Adobe and Windows. Adobe provided Acrobat and Reader as well as Photoshop with security-relevant updates. For Windows, there were also various updates in Windows 10, some of which are intended to patch gaps that are considered critical. And also for WordPress there is an update to version 6.0.1, which also corrects errors, but does not implement any new functions. For me, the update was done automatically, a really useful feature. Then you only need to see if it is not also necessary to update plugins.

Last week review 28-2022

Then Canon also released 2 new lenses in addition to the R7. Once a RF 24mm/1.8 Macro and the RF 15-30mm/4.5-6.3 IS lens. A 24mm lens with a speed of 1.8 and the possibility to achieve a magnification of 1:2 is interesting. However, I don’t know what to make of the 15-30mm with a maximum aperture of 6.3 at the “long” end. Only excellent optical quality paired with a reasonable price can score.

Finally, there is an announcement about Skylum. Luminar NEO will be extended by a HDR module, which will allow to combine the exposures of a bracketing series. It should be possible to take up to 10 exposures in a row.

Last week review 28-2022However this module for Käuder a license will become liable to pay the costs only for those, which locked a Abo, in the Abo to be contained. The extension is to cost 49, – €.

The HDR extension will be released on July 28th and I will have a look at this extension.

Luminar NEO is available with a 10,– € discount with the coupon code TUXOCHENEO in the amount of 10,– €.

All in all again very eventful weeks. I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche



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