SmallRig Cache for Lumix G81

Post update on 01.Aug.2020

I’m using the Lumix G81 also for Video, but sometimes only one hotshoe for additional equipment is not enough.


SmallRig Cache for Lumix G81Since the Lumix G81 is in contrast to the Canon 6D MK II capable doing 4K video recording i use this camera for video recording. Even though the Lumix G81 offers IBIS and most of the lenses have an image stabalizer built-in it sometimes pretty hard to keep the camera stable when recording without a tripod.

In addition you need a microphone for a good audio quality and maybe an external monitor and maybe other equipment.

I did a little video on this:


The SmallRig looks really like a small cage for the camera:

SmallRig Cache for Lumix G81

SmallRig Cache for Lumix G81There are rig systems on the market which are more universal fitting more than one special camera. The smallrig cage fits for this camera only and is sold for a very fair price.

For the Lumix G81 you have to remove the camera strap because this is attached to the cage later on. The cage itsself is mounted via the tripod screw at the bottom of the body and in additon a camera strap lug is used for additional fixation of the cage to the body.

This gives extra stability and because of the cage arround the camera better handling.

SmallRig payed attention to the details. The battery compartment and the slot for the momory card are reachable even with the cage attched to the camera. And the display is not limited at all.

SmallRig Cache for Lumix G81

Further attachments

The whole cage offers a lot of 3/8 and 1/4 threads to attach further euipment.

I aslo ordered the hand grip which allows an easy handling of the whole unit.

SmallRig Cache for Lumix G81

For my external monitor i got a swivel arm but a specialized monitor clip would have been the better choice.

SmallRig Cache for Lumix G81

Fully mounted the rig looks like this:

SmallRig Cache for Lumix G81The combination is easy to carry and hold, and because of the additional weight the combination is more stable in contrast to the camera alone.


The SmallRig system is just right for me as a beginner and offers a lot of options to a fair price.

ciao tuxoche

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