FeelWorld F6+ a monitor with touch

A couple of weeks ago i reviewed the FeelWorld MA5 monitor, which i returned.


FeelWorld F6+ a monitor with touchI returned the FeelWorld MA5 because attached to the Canon 6D MK II there was no audio signal. Meanwhile i got myself the better model, the FeelWorld F6 plus, which is a little bit bigger in display size but mainly the monitor has a touch display.

But talking about the FeelWorld MA5 i mention my last week review where i stated clearly that the issue with the missing audio signal is not an issue of the monitor. Its meant to be that way by the implementation from Canon, because Canon doesn’t provide an audio signal, if the camera is connected via HDMI. A little bit sensless but i will use the monitor mainly in combination with the Lumix G81., because with the Canon camera the internal display is turned off so there is no touch operation possible.

I did a little video on this:


The  Feelword F6 plus has a display size of 5,5 inch so it is a little bit bigger compared to the FeelWorld MA5, which is caused the by the touch display. There the Feelworld wighs arround 100gr. more than the smaller model. The monitor is delivered without any batteries and an HDMI to HDMI Micro cable and the sun shade.

On the left hand side you find the HDMI in and out ports and a DC-OUT for powering another device like the camera. But we come to this one later on.

FeelWorld F6+ a monitor with touchAt the bottom side there is a SD memory card slot for loading LUT into the monitor. Additionally you find a DC-IN and a headphone jack.

FeelWorld F6+ a monitor with touch

On the top side there is the power on button and a menue-wheel.


Just like the MA5 the FeelWorld F6 plus can be operated with the Sony compatible NP-F batteries or with Canon LP-E6.

FeelWorld F6+ a monitor with touch

In daily operation the touch display is more than convenient, because you can enlarge a certain area just like on your smartphone. FeelWorld F6+ a monitor with touchThe menue wheel offers 2 functions. Within the touch menue it can be used to alter the setting for brightness or volume which is a lot easier and faster as with the touch function. On the other hand you can push the menue wheel once and a sort of quick menue for changeing color, monochrome or focus peaking is displayed.

FeelWorld F6+ a monitor with touch

The attachment to the brackte seems to be new, because in contrast to the MA5 you don’t have to (partially) unscrew the monitor in order to change to viewing angle. And you can do it with one hand. But we have to wait and see how reliable this is.

Compared to the MA5 this monitor seems to be a little bit brighter and with the sunshield you’re able to operate the monitor in even pretty environments.

FeelWorld F6+ a monitor with touch

Things i don’t like

  • As already mentioned with the Canon 6D MK II the internal display is turned off as soon as an HDMI connection is established. With this i cant move the focus points.
  • An operation up-side-down is possible but you manually have to flip the display and the menue
  • If you leave the battery in the unit the LED light is on so its better to remove the battery for storage.

So a couple of things are improved compared to the MA5 and the issues in connection with the Canon 6D MK II are in charge of Canon and not the monitor.

What i personally miss is a combination of focus peaking with a monochrome setting.

Powering the camera

FeelWorld F6+ a monitor with touchFeelWorld advertises the monitor to be capable to power up the camera. So i decided to try this one out, because the batteries for the Lumix G81 have a short usage time in paritcualr if you’re using the display a lot. So i ordered a dummy battery original from Panasonic and bought a cable to connect the dummy batery to the monitors DC-OUT.

But poweering up the camera results in a short startof the display and the in the error message “This battery cannot be used” and then the camera shuts down.

The dummy-battery is pointed out with 8.4 V same as the DC-OUT connector on the monitor. Maybe a reader has a solution for this.


I like the  FeelWorld F6 plus and the touch operation makes handling easier and faster. The monitor offers a good size and is bright enough to be operated in pretty bright conditions. And maybe one of the readers has a solution for the problem with the camera power.

ciao tuxoche

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