An L-Bracket for the Lumix S5

I had already reported about L-Diaper several times and who uses his camera also on a tripod, hardly comes around this accessory.


An L-Bracket for the Lumix S5With an L-bracket, the camera can be mounted quite quickly on a tripod. This is then almost as if a quick-release plate were attached under the camera. In addition, the camera can also be mounted in portrait format.

The latter can also be achieved with ball heads, but when using an L-angle, the camera remains mounted in the center of gravity, which also serves the stability of the whole construction. And you are usually faster if you only briefly move the camera instead of aligning a ball head.

Especially for the camera

An L-Bracket for the Lumix S5To my Canon 5D MK II had an angle from Kirk, but now you can hardly find such L-angles from Kirk or RRS and if at horrendous prices. And for the Lumix S5, you can only find universal angles. Here, however, it is to be feared that you can no longer reach the connections of the camera without unscrewing the L-bracket or that you cannot access the memory cards or battery.

This is where SmallRig’s angles, which are specially adapted to the camera, prove their worth. I already had such a bracket for the Lumix G9, so it was not difficult to get one for the Lumix S5.

Lumix S5 and SmallRig 2984

An L-Bracket for the Lumix S5The L-angle from SmallRig is almost as inexpensive as some quick release plates alone at around €40 and is manufactured to a high standard.

There is a flap on the handle side so that you can access the battery compartment of the camera without obstructions.

Just like the bracket for the G9, the side panel can be pulled out and locked in place, making it easier to access the camera’s ports (USB, HDMI and audio-in). This side panel gives you something like a second grip, which is also very handy when shooting video, because it simply makes the camera more stable to hold.

An L-Bracket for the Lumix S5And again, a small screwdriver that you need here is held magnetically to the bottom of the L-bracket.

Unlike the angle for G9, however, the set piece for mounting in portrait format is interrupted, so the display can also be folded out at a straight angle to the camera. Was one thing that bothered me with the Lumix G9 especially when filming.

In contrast to the L-angle for the LUMIX G9, this angle also fits into the Novoflex adjustment slide and with the tripod heads from both Benro and Arca Swiss itself, it also has no fit problems.


The SmallRig L-angle fits very well on my Lumix S5 and there are no more limitations with the display. Here, smallRig has certainly benefited from the experience of users.

I can live well with the mobility of the swivel display. Given the price difference compared to an RSS angle, for example, it is also acceptable to me that the profile is probably a bit wider. However, anyone who wants to buy such an angle should clarify this in advance.

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