Last week review 12-2018

Last week review 12-2018 and in spite of spring it is sort of cold  🙁 but at weekend it got better.

Last week review 12-2018This week we talked about the right exposure measurement, which is not only for digital camera but ever since photography was invented. An exposure meter is calibrated for a medium grey, an 18% grey to exact, and wiht this grey the exposure metering gives the correct values. But since not every motive is not grey (we’ll feel better good about this fact) there are situations where expsoiure metering will result in over or under exposed images. But with the modern expisure mters built-in cameras you have to override the values, regardless if you’re using time or aparture value.

Maybe at this point you should not use the center weight exposure measurement and switch to spot metering and measure out the main parts of the image. But on the other hand the differences between the measurement types are not as big as you might expect.

Last week review 12-2018Maybe we’ll get a little bit of help from the histogram, which shows if there are any risks of over- or underexposure. If you do this with your camera you have to test this with your camera because the histogram is generated from the thumbnail jpeg image in the raw files. And this might show some differences to what you can do with a raw file.

Last week review 12-2018And now did you think of changing the clocks to daylight saving time at the weekend. Some clocks do this automatically but in your camera you have to do it manually.

On the one hand sight the Exif metadat are correct, because we want the right time settings in the Exif data and on the other hand if you plan do add GPS metadata from a geo logger it is more easy if the date/time settings are correct. If you forget about the date/time settings can be changed later on with Lightroom or with other tools.

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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