Last week review 27-2024

Weekly review 27-2024 and this week it wasn’t summery at all, except at the weekend it got warmer again, as you would expect from July 😉

Last week review 27-2024

This week a firewall appliance mini PC was a topic again. After the KingNovy I wanted a little more power and decided on a mini PC like this with an I3-N305, i.e. an 8-core.

The first one was delivered after just under 14 days, but only caused crashes and kernel panics. After the 2nd mini PC had the same problem, I only thought of testing the RAM and the Corsair RAM bar had more than 70 errors in the first half hour.

The replacement device worked, but was still sent back because 1 LAN port could not establish a connection. Using the Linux sysbench tool it was possible to determine that this mini PC was almost 3 times as fast as the KingNovy with an N5105 CPU.

Last week review 27-2024

But I would like a replacement device because my network has now been completely changed, so I need a device like this for an OPNSense because it would be a lot of work to configure internet, telephony and WiFi differently again.

Last week review 27-2024

Take advantage of the opportunity because there is a summer sale until the end of July, with Luminar NEO being advertised with huge discounts. With the code AFF-anR5eq you get an extra 20% discount on an order, so that an order is worthwhile for all those who are interested in Luminar NEO anyway.

So it can be worth trying out Luminar NEO and its extensions.

Last week review 27-2024

Up until now I have recorded parts of my YouTube videos, where something is essentially shown on the screen, with OBS Studio. The Touchportal app was used to control it, which you can then use to call up different scenes in OBS, display a webcam, etc.

This worked relatively well, but requires that the iPad and the PC on which OBS is running are on the same WiFi network. My new PC or its motherboard has WiFi, but my X300, for example, doesn’t. Websockets also have to be activated in OBS for control, and the IP address is determined incorrectly if there are multiple NICs in the device.

To get around the problems, I decided to get an Elgato Streamdeck, even though I’m not a streamer. But I think this device will be helpful for OBS and other software products.

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you like the articles and look forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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