Last week review 22-2019

Last week review 22-2019 and the weather is feeling a lot more like summer this weekend  😉

Last week review 22-2019In this weeks article i showed you in some examples how to capture timelapse images with different devices. On Android or iOS devices its very easy because choosing the function in the camera app because almost all apps support this function. But there is a main limitation on these functions built-in into the camera apps, because they support timelapse videos only in 1080p on iOS or even worse on the Huawei smartphone 720p only, even if the smartphone itsself is capable of 4K recording.

Last week review 22-2019With cameras like the Lumix G81 or the Canon DSLR its a little bit easier because almost every camera offers such a function in the firmware of the camera. And even if a timelapse function is not availbale most cameras offer a interval timer which helps you to capture the timelapse. The later one is even an adventage because this way you’ll kepp the single images for the timelapse. This way you can process the RAW images before rendering the timelapse video. And here the Lumix G81 is the one, because even if you choose the timelapse function the camera will keep the single images for later processing or render the video with a higher resolution.

Last week review 22-2019Then Huawei problems won’t end or they might even get bigger. First of all some manufactureres cancelled cooperations with Huawei and now some providers are cautious about Huawei. Huawei is knwon to develop an own operating system as a substitute for Android which is not ready yet. On the other hand the american administration outet that the embargo against Huawei has mainly nothing to do with security issues, its more about the trade war with China. So i beleive that there will more and more problems until the trade war with China is solved in a way.

The ON1 relewased a new version of the Photo RAW app, version 2019.5 which improves the Lightroom Migration. After a closer look last year it might be time to take another look on the version.

And at last i’m trying out my new lens for the Lumix G81, the Panasonic 100-300mm/4.0-5.6 II. This is a 200-600mm lens equivilent on full frame.

Wochenrückblick 22-2019

I’m checking on this lens how it works in combination withthe rather small Lumix G81 and of course i’ll place a post on this.

But anyway this was an interesting week  and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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