How i got to Apple I

Post update on 01.Aug.2020

If you read this blog on a regular base you know that i’m not a fan of Apple products. I use Windows and smartphone an Android base, but nevertheless an iPhone was a try.


How i got to Apple IUntil now i could do allthings with a desktop pc/laptop on windows 10 base and smartphones driven by Google’s Android operating system, like the most recent my Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Even the image quality  i can’t critisize, the smartphone captures pretty good images and also capabale of capturing RAW images in the DNG file format. But in the last couple of weeks i started to record videos for my Youtube channel mainly with my smartphone.

But with video i occured the problem that the native Huawei camera app deleiver pretty high contrasts and even more importent that audio recording are not usable, because the audio level is very low even with a Rode VideoMic. But almost any app aaround photgraphy or video capturing will offer more options compared to the same app on Android systems.

But then i took the chance of a special offer for an iPhone 6s and bouhgt one. Even if this experiment would have failed i would have been able to resell the iPhone at least for the originla price i paid for it.

The  iPhone 6s

How i got to Apple I

How i got to Apple II’m not using the iPhone as a regular smartphone, i intended to use the phone just for video and maybe for photography. The qualitiy is of course very good and we don’t want to dicuss the fact that this phone like most of the others doesn’t have a changable battery. There is no option for memory cards and the installed flash memory is 32 GB only which isn’t very much for video capturing. Some of the installed apps are unnecessary but setting up the iPhone could be done pretty easy and fast.

A very good practise but a little bit more time consuming is the setup of a Apple ID which frist is verified with the telephone number and sort fo double checked against the email adress where you get a code.

The other technical data were good enough for my intended use, the iPhone can record video with a 4K resolution at 30fps and the camera does 12MP.


As mentioned the iPhone 6s can capture videos in 4K with 30fps so its on the same level as my Huawei Mate 10 Pro. But the native camera app doesn’t offer any manual settings so i tried out the app Filmic Pro.

How i got to Apple I

This app offers full control on exposure, white balance and focus. And in contrast to the Android version of this app the audio level can be controlled too.

And this works out very good now i can use the Rode VideoMic as planned to record audio and don’t have to use the smartLav+ micro and a additonla smartphone.

While the iPhine itsself processes videos with a rate of arround 55 MBit/sec FilmiPro doe the same with a rate of almost 100MBit/sec. In addition the Huawei reaches a limit when video recording will result in a video file larger than 5 GB (maybe because of a built-in limit) while the iPhone took videos of arround11 min. in one file.

First conclusion

My expectations mainly for the video systems are fullfilled with the iPhone 6s. But there are other postive effects on this phone but this is for the second part of this article.

ciao tuxoche


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