Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 a brlliant tablet

Already in my last week review for  [post id=1138]week 36th[/post] i reported about this new acquirement 😉


Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 a brlliant tabletAfter selling my Nexus 7 2013 time was ready for new tablet. This time i decided to go for an 10inch variant, because the 7-inch display of the Nexus was very good, but besides a [post id=1068]Samsung S6[/post] the tablet was not compact enough on the other hand the old tablet didn’t have enough performance any more.

After studying a couple web sites with reports on the diferent tablets,like the one from (sorry german) i decided to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. Since i bought a [post id=790]blue tooth keyboard[/post] for my old tablet i wanted to get a keyboard fitting the new tablet, but it should also function as a cover for the tablet. The  Logitec cover/keyboard combination looked like perfectly fitting my needs.


The keyboard from Logitec fits perfectly to the tablet and protects it very good. The keyboard itsself only provides the usual on/off button and a USB connector for charging the battery.

With this cover you get so to say 2 modes, a tablet mode, where the cover is folded and a keyboard mode with the keyboard accessible for typing. In the tablet mode you should turn off the bluetooth keyboard to get access to screen keyboard.

On the back there is an opening for the tablets camera and the buttons on the side odf the tablet are reachable very convenient.

Typeing on the keyboard is very comfortable because of the size compared to a 7-inch keyboard. The keyboard offers functions keys with different functions, to lock the screen for example.

The keyboard is very good, just Logitec, but the question about the price of 89,– € must be allowed. 🙁


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is a shaply and pretty thin tablet, which uses  Android 5.0.2 after the first setup. Of course there are a couple apps installed, i don’t have any use for, like  Zalanda and other which were deinstalled.

Probably the best about this tablet is the display. The display offers a resolution of 2.560×1600 pixels, which is more like my Dell U2711 monitor 😉 But in contrast the a monitor for your desktop pc you don’t get more room on the desktop, but the icons appear more sharp and brilliant. But you’ll notice the better resolution as soon as you open a browser or Google+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 a brlliant tablet

This makes fun and the tablet is very fast, so i’ll enjoy it to read my emails and my Google+, Facebook notifications in the bus to the office 😉

And because of the fabulous display i could image to to play arroudn with Lightroom mobile after [post id=1131]ordering[/post] the Creative Cloud photography program including Lightroom and Photoshop CC.

And talking about photograpyh, the tablet still offers to install a micro SD memory card to extend your memory up to 128 GB, in contrast to the [post id=1068]Samsung S6[/post]. There you could save your images from a cameras memory card.

Such a tablet only makes sense with a data volume for mobile internet connections, but happily Samsung provided a telephone app for this tablet, but even better the WhatsApp is running on this tablet. On the Nexus tablet this didn’t work out.

There is nothing special about other apps, they run without any problems. But still there are apps arround which don’t like landscape mode 🙁


Most important for photographers is the questions if DSLRController, my favorite tether app, works on the tablet. I won’t let you wait, but the app works very fine;-)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 a brlliant tablet

Just for a try i tested a short focus stack, no problems there.

The tablet lacks the ability to communicate via NFC, so i can’t connect to the [popst id=813]Lumix G6[/post] but i have to use WLAN instead.


The tablet just makes fun and offers a very brlliant display. The combination with the Logitec cover/keyboard is convinient, and even typing longer emails or text in general doesn’t cause any problems. Only the price for this device seems to be a little bit overdrawn.

What about your experiences with such a tablet? Just leave me your comments and questions are welcome too.

ciao tuxoche

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