Last week review 08-2016

Post update on 14.Aug.2016

Last week review 08-2016 and nobody thought winter coming back after spring already started.. sort of 🙁

Last week review 08-2016After Adobe released Lightroom Mobile 2.0 last week there were forum entries and other blog postsreporting about stability problems especially with the camera function on some devices.

Unusually quiet Adobe rolled out Lightroom Mobile version 2.01 via Google Play Store. In contrast to the usual procedure there was no blog post on Adobe lightroom blog, which would have added additional informations. So this way we only can assume that Lightroom corrected some bugs to repair the stability problem. But the errors corrected are a secret 😉 Trying out the app i couldn’t find any differences. On wedensday an article was posted announcing the availibility of Lightroom Mobile 2.2 for iOS.

Last week review 08-2016In a second article we took a look on the specialized stacking software Zerene Stacker. If you do stacks on a regular base such a software makes sense, even though a license runs at least arround 100,– €, but Photoshop fails sometimes on stacks. And another good software like  CombineZP isn’t developed any more and offers a 8-bit workflow only.

Zerene Stacker is a very good piece of software, which ist eine hervorragende Software, which even handles problematic stacks and offers the capability to retouch the final result or single images within the stack.

Last week review 08-2016Thsi week Google released a new cersion of Google Photos which now allows to crop your images to any ascpect ratio you like. After announcing to shut down Picassa Google has to improve this service. But i determined problems in connection with  Google+ communities or individuals, because some commuinities can’t be adressed sharing image via Google Photos.

Last week review 08-2016The social network TSU changed their browser interface and the according app. Besides the change in colors you a forced to choose a categorie before posting. This is a cumbersome feature to me and is no real improvement. The general problems in this article, like problems changing from landscape to portrait format and not scaling the images fitting to the display size of a tablet are still there.

An eventful week and i  hope that some of the articles on this blog gained your interests and i look ahead to your comments/suggestions.

ciao tuxoche

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