Last week review 50-2022

Weekly review 50-2022 and this week it was unusually cold, but also very nice 🙂

Last week review 50-2022This week was about the compact video head from SmallRig. The head is available for about 100,– € and is very light and compact. I have therefore mounted it on my Feisol 3442 travel tripod, when I want to occasionally record a videosequenmz.

Of course, the video head is not a replacement for eien large and therefore unfortunately heavy video head, such as the Manfrotto 501HDV, but for that you also need an even more stable tripod. And you also have to make a compromise in the carrying capacity of the system with such a compact head, but it holds my Lumix S5 with the kit lens in any case. Since the head has an Arca Swiss coupling, it can also be used for photography with an appropriate L-angle, and that makes the story quite universal.

And for other projects, I still have the Cayer BV30L tripod, which certainly offers more in terms of load capacity.

Last week review 50-2022

Then I recently bought the Affinity V2.0 Suite. The suite consists of Photo2, Designer and the Publisher App. In the form of the so-called universal license, there are the same apps but also for the iPad and for the Mac. Serife has extended the offer of the universal license with a price of 119, – € until January 25, 2023. So if you are looking for apps for the iPad you might want to think about it and buy them here.

I have especially the photo 2 app already made some and the app begesitert also on the iPad. Let’s see if I do something with the Publisher 2 soon.

Last week review 50-2022And speaking of cheap offers. Skylum is making a Christmas offer for Luminar NEO and the matching extension. There are discounts up to 85% and the action is limited until 26.12 this year. Then you can also get the new expansion Magic Light AI at a discount. Unfortunately I could not test it, but I will do so later.

There will be bundles with Luminar NEO but also with the various extensions, which are then cheaper to buy in the set.

Last week review 50-2022Capture One on the other hand goes now also the way to regulate everything only a software subscription. This means that owners of a regular (purchase) license in the future probably no longer come into the enjoyment of new updates and as with Lightroom with version 6 sometime the day will come, since this software also no longer works. There is the brave new world, in which software, television but also cars only about monthly paid subscriptions come into the house 🙁

Last week review 50-2022

And then something on my own behalf. This will be the last post this year. I wish all my readers a happy 4th Advent and a merry Christmas and of course all the best for the year 2023. Unfortunately, I can not read so well at the moment, because last week I was operated on the right eye and the day after tomorrow comes the left. If everything goes well, it will be a nice Christmas for me because I will be able to see better. With this in mind, we’ll see you again next year with a look back at 2022.

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