Last week review 08-2016

Post update on 14.Aug.2016

Last week review 08-2016 and the weather is sort of everything and nothing … but mostly which i don’t like at all …

Last week review 08-2016After Adobe withdrawed an announcement about the availibility of Lightroom Mobile 2.0 in the last but one week, this monday the annoucement was final. First of all in the morning there was an update available for Adobe Premiere Clip and since there was a better sharing with Premiere clip announced it was pretty clear, that Lightroom Mobile should be announced this day.  An hour later the update was available and later on Adobe posted the announcement on their blog.

The main improvment is the in-app camera function in Lightroom Mobile, which can capture images in JPEG and DNG format. The camera app offers besides corrections for exposure,white balance and self-timer further oportunites to influence camera settings. Also you can add different effects to the picture in the app, maybe for your selfies. In the development modul you’ll find the DeHaze function which was introduced in Lightroom CC2015.2 And of course there is a sharing option to Adobe Premiere Clip. You can share a collection and Premiere Clip generates a video from the images. I tested this combination a little bit, so there will be a post on this topc next week.

Last week review 08-2016After posting the last time back in may 2014 this week Garden Gnome softare released Version 5.0 of their Pano2VR tool this week. Besides the support of the Ricoh panocam changes in the tool should make handling a lot easier. Too me there was one interesting aspect. You can create animated tours to guide your audience to the most interesting points of one panorama or a complete virtual tour. But now Pano2VR 5.0 offers the option to export these animated tours to a video. With this option it should be very easy to integrate your sphere panoramas into your (vacation) video. I developed a solution with a little help of After Effects, but htis isn’t easy to handle, so i will test this Pano2VR later on.

Last week review 08-2016Since this week started with photography in combination with Android the last post ended the week with the same combination in the article about RAW shooting with your smartphone. On devices with Android 5 it should be possible to do captures either in JPEG or the DNG format because of the camera-API. But in any way you should test an app before you buy it, because supporting DNG format is not mandatory. Processing the RAW images can be done with Lightroom Mobile but i took a look on other apps to process RAW files. The only irritating thing about shooting RAW with my smartphone is the resulting size of the DNG-files arround 30MB. Remember the S6 only has a 16MPix camera built-in.

At the end even though already posted and announced last week there still is no update to Android 6.0 for my Samsung S6. But i’ll guess that Samsung is busy to deliver all those S7 models 😉

An eventful week and i  hope that some of the articles on this blog gained your interests and i look ahead to your comments/suggestions.

ciao tuxoche


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