Pano2VR 4.5.0 released

If you visited my web site, you’ll take a look on the panoramas.

I stitch those panoramas with PTGui, image processing is done afterwards (e.g. retouching the tripod). The ready panorama then is converted with Pano2VR to Adobe flash and HTML5 format und uploaded to the web site.

Pano2VR 4.5.0 releasedToday a new version from Gardengnome’s Pano2VR was released. Besides the usual bugfixes there are new features implemented.

The skin editor is renewed and now offers a life preview, which is pretty convenient, at least to me 😉

The second new implementation is a new package format GGPKG to export your panoramas into. Along with this new format there are plugins available for the main CMS systems, such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

At least it looks pretty good in the the short introduction video.

Until now i export my panoramas in HTML5 with a fallback to flash. Since the documentation on the website is not updated i assume that a fallback to flash format is not offered with the new package format. Because of the security issue of the flash format this is a consequent way.

A little concern to me is that every plugin is a possible break in for a CMS system like WordPress (i guess this is true for the other 2 systems.

I’ll take a closer look on this new and interesting feature, but this requires a clean local installation on my Linux server first.

What do you think about these new features and the requirement of a plugin? I llok forwar to your comments.

ciao tuxoche

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