Pano2VR 5.0 released

It’s been a long time ago since the last software release from Gardengnome Software, but now they released  Pano2VR  Version 5.0

Pano2VR 5.0 releasedMy last blog post on Pano2VR goes back to may 2014, where i reported on the Version 4.5.0 released at that time. At this time they introduced the  new package format ggpkg and the available plugins for different CMS like wordpress. I’m using Pano2VR quite a while to generate panoarma presentations for my website from panoramas stitched with  PTGui 

Maybe not hearing from Gardengnome software for quite a long time was due to the fact, that nobody didn’t any features in version 4.5.0 or that bugs/errors in the software forced an update (even though i know there is no such thing a bug/error free software)

Pano2VR 5.0 releasedThe post on the new release is from last night, but the is no Changelog available 😉 Looking at the supported formats you’ll still find the error/prune and unsafe Flash, even though it’s no probleme to generate HTML5 output. I’ll think they left in flash support for historical reasons. Like in version 4.5.0 output is possible in HTML5 which by now is supported by most of the brwowsers/devices. They added a new feature in the hotspots now. They can carry/link to video files, placing additonal iunformations for the audience in the panorama or virtual tour. Of course the user can interact at any time.

You also can create animated tours and export this animated as a video. This feature atrracted my attention, because long time ago i’ll tried to find a solution to export sphere panos into a video. I posted a solution to export sphere panoramas (sorry german) with a little help from After Effects to video. According to the clip on pano2vr site such an export can be done with full motion control. This would be great.

I’m going to download a testversion and take a closer look on the new version. What about you? Did you install the upgrade? I’m looking forward to your comments/questions

ciao tuxoche

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