Last week review 14-2016

Last week review 14-2016 and still spring is missing a little bit, but maybe next week 😉

This week we had a panorama week, because it was neccesary to have a closer look on the latest versions of my favorite panorama tools PTGui and Pano2VR .

Last week review 14-2016PTGui 10 is the newest version of the well knwon panorama stitching software and they advertise mainly with increase in speed by using the GPU. In this time we experience that the manufacturers advertisement turns out to be true. Adding the GPU support to the stitching software will result in a tremendous gain in speed. As published on the website an increase of 7-times as fast as the older version is possible.

Besides this speed improvement generating HDR panoramas was improved too. Especially the tonemapping mehtod was improved and leads into more natural HDR panoamas. The stand-alone PTViewer to (pre)view your sphere panoramas wasn’t necessary. If you’re doing a lot of sphere and other panoramas you’ll get a very fast stitcher, which has a price tag of 149,– € in the pro version. But it’s worth it.


Last week review 14-2016As a 2. second tool we took a look on the shortly released version 5 of Pano2VR. First of all you will recognize the radically changed surface, which is supposed to harmonize better with new windows systems. You have to decide yourself is this new surface will provide a better overview. The main improvement are the new animations, which allow to define a movement thru the sphere just as you like. This aniomation can substitute the autorotation in your web-export.

These animations are the base for exporting the panorama as a video file. You’ll define your movement in the sphere and after this you exporet this movement to a video file which can be processed further and integrated in another video clip. This works very good except the time needed to export let’s say a 10 sec. video is far too long.

Last week review 14-2016

And the above picture shows the data transfer from a Samsung S4 to a Galaxy S7, so this will be a topic for next week.

Last week we had panorama week and this was special, but i hope you liked these and the other posts on this blog. I hope on your comments and questions are of course welcome too.

ciao tuxoche


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