Last week review 20-2018

Last week review 20-2018 and this week the weather was kind of mixed  😉

Last week review 20-2018This week i introduced DxO Photolab in a second blog post, which in addition to the first part added informtation about the different processing capabilities of DxO Photolab. DxO Photolab offers all image processing capabilites you can expect from a modern RAW converter. There are presets available and the usual corrections like white balance,contrast, saturation and so on. Some of thiese corrections are activated automatically and works pretty good just like the modules DxO Smart Lightning , so you don’t to correct too many settings manually.

As a premiere function DxO Photolab offers now local corrections, which are implemented in this Photolab version for the first time. Here and also in other corrections the U-Point technology which was aquired by DxO with the Google Nik collections is used. If you already worked with the Nik collections you’ll find yourself at home and are used to the corrections. With DxO Photolab the only feature you’ll might miss are layers but besides this DxO Photolab is a very good program. So lets hope that DxO will keep their promise that customers are not affected by the insolvency.

Last week review 20-2018Probably the most important topic in the last couple of weeks is the General Data Protection Regulation which becomes enforcable on 25th May which after 2 years Germany didn’t use the chance to convert this european regulation into national law.  And we bloggers or photographes have to cope with these results. Of course there was a lot to do to change the blog settings so they are campatible with the european regulation, like the storage of the ip adresses of a reader  is data processing. On the one hand side this is done to get some statiscal data on the other hand there is need for this to block unauthorized login attempts. There is a lot of uncertainty arround how some rules are menat and we have to wait and see how this develos. I did the changes to my blog according to the most recent discussions.

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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