Last week review 07-2016

Post update on 14.Aug.2016

Last week review 07-2016 and the weather is very mixed, starting with snow and pretty cold temperatures at the beginning of the week and now its getting warmer again.

Last week review 07-2016If you’re reading this blog on a regular base you probably know that i partially substituted my DropBox cloud storage with a  ownCloud  installation. But  just like the admin pages of the different blogs this leads into the problem that you probably don’t  want to send credentials or other personal information in clear text over the internet connection. Based on a (german) tutorial from i generated a self-signed certificate for my domains. Basically with this certificate you’re ablte to establish an encrypted connection to your website. But it isn’t really that easy because this certificate is not signed by one of the big institutions so all browsers issue an error saying that they don’t trust the certificate. And even worth, with my favorite browser Chrome there is no way to get on. But as shown in the article you can save a security exception with Firefox downloading and storing the self-signed certificate locally. After installing this certicate as a trusted certicate Chrome will accept it too.

Last week review 07-2016In the second article we followed up the question if Lightroom gets faster by doing a folder synchronzsation instead of a regular import of your images. But to foreclose it, folder sync is not faster. Ok synchronisation process is a little bit faster, but you already spent time to copy your images from the memory card into the final destination folder. But you loose the workflow to automatically importing the images in Lightroom and setup folders like a pattern YY/MM/date according to the exif metadata of your images.

LRM_20160125_175113-Edited-1024x767And then Friday Adobe announced the availability of Lightroom Mobile 2.0 for Android, but after the blog post showed up in my RSS, the original post was deleted from Adobes site. According to Adobe Lightroom Mobile 2.0 will add a camera app to capture in DNG format and other improvements. Maybe the announcement will be done next week, so far only Lightroom Mobile 1.4 is available.

Only Adobe knows why they withdraw the blog post and the article from the photographer Colby Brwon was deleted too.

Finally Samsung announced to roll out Android 6.0 for the Galaxy S6 at the beginning of the week, but i’m still waiting  and nothing happens.

An eventful week and i  hope that some of the articles on this blog gained your interests and i look ahead to your comments/suggestions.

ciao tuxoche


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