HDR hyperlapse

If you read this blog or the german blog you probably know that timelapse sequences are very fascinating to me, but also HDR images.

I already introduced a HDR timelapse on my german blog, but this time i wandted to combine HDR with the hyperlapse technique.

HDR hyperlapse

Here on this shot i show you the basic picture almost without any processing. As you see that the motive is not hit by the sun and therefore with a normal exposure the sky is alsmost burned out and the shadows are almost to dark.

To overcome these contrasts i hat to use HDR sequences for this timelapse.

HDR hyperlapse

A screenshot form the Sun Surveyor show that for this scene is almost always not right at any time of the day. In the early morning or late evening time the sun would lit the scene, but the neighbored buildings avoid lightning the train station.

Ok i took my 7D mounted on a [post id=129]tripod[/post], with the EZ-Leveler to level the bumpiness of the ground. AEB set to a distance of +- 3 EV and started.

I used SNS-HDR Lite to precess those 720 images in total to HDR images. The resulting 240 HDR images were assembled to a sequence with After Effects, also further stabilization was done

And this is the result:

HDR hyperlapse

As you see on the single image that HDR in combination with a 3 EV exposure distance did turn out to be right.

But the effort for such a short video, especially if HDR come in, is enormous. But i think it does makle sense, at least to me.

What do you think about hyperlapse, is it what you like to try out. Or is too much of a hazzle. I’m looking forward to your comments or your questions.

ciao tuxoche


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