Stacking with the Lumix G81

Stacking was a subject for a couple of posts here in this blog, but stacking with the Lumix G81 describes how to do this with a app for Android systems.


Stacking with the Lumix G81So called focus stacks, where  the base images are captured with slightly different focus levels and rendered with a mspecialized software, can be done either with an app like DSLRController or manually with a focusing rail like from Novoflex or other manufacturer. The manual version requires a more experience and a more steady tripod, because you have to touch the system in order to setup the focusing rail for the next image.

Required equipment

A focusing rail is not really required but it makes handling e.g. finding the starting focusing level a lot more easier. Besides the already mentioned tripod we need a macro lens, i use the 45mm/2.8 Macro Elmarit on the Lumix G81. For a first start you could also use extension tubes or high-quality close-up lenses like those from Raynox, if you don’t own a macro lens.

The app

For my Lumix i used the app GSimpleRelease , which is available for  Android. The app costs 1,49 € only, which is a very fair price. On the other hand there are no additional functions implmented besides the noise triggering of the camera. But before buying this app you shgould get yourself the freely available  Panasonic Image App to check out manual focus control with your camera/lens combination. With the Lumix G6 i owned this didn’t work out.

For the connection between camera and smartphone WiFi is used. The app begins with scanning possible WiFi connections and after the connection is established you’re aoll done. Of course you to setup the camera to manual focus which is very easy with the Lumix G81 because of the button on the back of the camera body.

The setup

For this little test a mounted my Lumix G81 with the 45mm/2.8 macro lens on my Berlebach mini tripod.

Stacking with the Lumix G81

After the WiFi connection is established to see this screen first:

Stacking with the Lumix G81

The handling is very much alike DSLRController, you define the nearest and the farest focusing point and lock them. After pushing  “Start Bracket” you’ll get to another setting.

Stacking with the Lumix G81

This setting defines the distance between the different focus levels. You have to make your own experience and maybe have to play arround with this setting. From this setting and the locked focusing points the app calculates the needed number of images and starts the bracketing.

Post proecessing

The sequnece can be processed in any software being able to handle images with different focusing levels. After my experiences with Photoshop CC i used Helicon Focus for this. But maybe you wan’t to try LR/Enfuse.

Stacking with the Lumix G81

The result is a beautiful stack image. The base images were shot at pretty low light conditions (2 sec. exposure) at  f 4.0  In generell you should close down the aparture not much, because you’ll get depth-of field thru stacking.


With the app  GSiompleRelease beautiful stacks are possible with the Lumix  DSLM cameras. The app works without any problems if you checked out manually focussing with the Panasonic app. A pretty good app for a very fair price.

What do think, or do you use toher tools? I’m looking forward to your comments and quetions are welcome too.

ciao tuxoche

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