I did it, my first mFT camera

Post update on 01.Aug.2020

I did it i got influenced by the mFT fever 😉

I bought a Lumix G6 with the kit lens a couple of days ago.


I did it, my first mFT cameraAfter the vacation on Tenerife, which was covered by an alomst minmal euquipment, i got more and more involved getting a system, which offers a good image quality and a compact size and less of weight for travelling. After a process of descision between the Olympus system and the Lumix G6 the later one made it.


The handling of the camera is ecellent, the Lumix G6 fits better in my hand, even the size is very small compared to a Canon 7D or even a 5D MK II. I did get used to the weight which almost feels like nothing comapred to my other cameras.The menustructure is very transparent to me and othe features like the rotatable display and WiFi turned the balance towards the Lumix G6.

Somtetimes you may read in forums that the Lumix G6 feels sort of cheap, but i can’t confirm this issue. The price tag for the camera including the kit lens ist under 500,– € and til the 5th of january Panasonic offers a cashback so i think i got a good camera for a very fair price.

I did it, my first mFT camera
Lumix g& compared to a 5D MK II

mFT cameras operate with a crop factor of 2.0, so the kit lens 12-42 offers a focal length range of 28-84mm calculated on a full format camera. There is nor real difference to the kit lenses bundled with the Canon cameras and their lens 18-55mm. And a kit lens doesn’t offer the highest optical quality, not to mention with a maximum´aparture of 3.5 would only be suitable for sunlight situations if image stabilation would not be available.

First results

Because of the small sensor with 16MPIX i’d expected a little bit more noise in the images compared to a Canon 7D, but the first pratical results surpries me. I must admit that noise on shots with lets say ISO 640 is there, especially in the not in focus background, but this smal camera can compare to a 7D (ok this one 21 MPIX).

But i show you a couple of exmaples i shot the last days.


My expectations in terms of weight,handling and image quality are fullfilled, even though there are better alternatives to the kit lens, but that is a matter of future investments in this system. But til now i didn’t make a decision weather or not i’ll keep the Canon the system, i see the the Lumix G6 as an addition to my Canon system.

Whtat do you think about mFT systems and what are your experiences? Leave me your comments

ciao tuxoche


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