Last week review 25-2016

Last week review 25-2016 and this week a short summer brought pretty high temperatures, but also  a lof of thunderstorms 😉

Last week review 25-2016It was sort of an Adobe special week. It started with the release of the longer announced new version of Photoshop CC version. The new version improves cloud functionallioty by downloading images form Adobe own image service Adobe Stock. Downloading and getting a license can be done from within Photoshop CC. There are also improvements in handlöing of fonts and a better interface with Adobe Capture CC.

For photographic purposes the new content-aware crop function is the most interesting new feature in Photoshop CC 2015.5. This tools automatically fills in free areas of the images, cuased by straightening the image for example. Til now you could only try the crop and to do evewn more cropping because of the white areas. The function works out pretty good and makes work a lot easier.

Last week review 25-2016

At least you’ll get results which could be a base for further processing-.

Shortly after the release of Photoshop CC Adobe released a new Version of their video editing software for small devices, Adobe Premiere  Clip. The release is for Android and iOS devices. Version 1.01 for Android systems now includes an integration for DropBox, GoogleDrive and GooglePhotos. You can download images and videos to be integrated in your projects.


Last week review 25-2016One of the new functions is to apply a watermark to the video before sharing them like on  Twitter for example. A second new function is to add a video bumper to the final video. These 2 new functions are to personalize your videos.

The lasrt one this week  WordPress 4.5.3 was released. This version mainly corrects security bugs from the older versions. A complete list of changes can be seen here.  On my Fotoblog a made good experiences with the automatic updates of WordPress, so maybe i’ll activate this function on this blog too.

I hope you like the blog poasts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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