Last week review 29-2023

Weekly review 29-2023 and while the south of Europe is suffering from the heat, here it is almost normal summer with quite pleasant temperatures.

Last week review 29-2023

This week security had priority, it was after a long time again about secure passwords, the use of a password manager as well as other security mechanisms such as 2 factor authentication. This is actually a topic that is always on my mind.

The article was first about setting a different password for every account. Since you then reach your limits to remember them all, password managers come into play, which take over this for you. In the meantime, I use KeePassXC, which is also presented in the article, not because KeePAss is bad, but KeePassXC is simply more convenient to use due to its browser integration. Moreover, this password manager is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Last week review 29-2023

In addition, KeePassXC is also very well suited to store/manage SSH keys. This is very useful for the numerous logins on my Proxmox server.

The 2FA method is now offered by more and more sites, at least in the form that such a code is generated on a smartphone with an app. And you should use this for your own security. Hardware keys like the Yubikey are one step further and make the whole thing one step more secure. Here you can either generate a TOTP code or use the key itself to log in. The latter is not yet offered by many sites, but if so you should use it, for example at Google.

Last week review 29-2023Then the offer to order the Panorama extension for Luminar NEO at a special price was extended until July 24. I don’t have the official release of this extension yet, so I can’t report (yet) if the bugs have been fixed. I haven’t received anything since the last update of the beta version last week. As soon as the official release is available, I will of course give that a try.

Last week review 29-2023

And there is news about the L-Mount Alliances. Because it welcomes a new member and that is Samyang. The manufacturer is mainly known for its manual lenses and it should be interesting to see some lenses for the L-mount.

All in all, another very eventful week. I hope you like the articles and I am looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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