Last week review 05-2022

Weekly review 05-2022 and from the weather almost something like spring is coming 🙁

Last week review 05-2022This week was once again about video and audio in particular. I was looking for an alternative microphone for Youtube, but also for other purposes. In the process, I came across the Tekstar SGC600, which is probably, so much is taken in advance, a very reasonable quality for the price.

The Tekstar SGC600 is powered by an AA battery, which you can get literally anywhere, and offers a filter of about 200Hz as well as a recording adjustment in 3 steps, namely -10dB,0,-10DB. In my testing, the 0 DB was almost too loud, even on a smartphone, so when I tried it out I decided to forgo the +10 DB setting. A splitting cable is included with the Tekstar so that it can also be connected to a smartphone despite the TRS connector.

Nevertheless, I sent the good entry-level microphone back again. On the one hand, because the difference to the Rode Videomicro was not big enough, on the other hand, but also because, for example, the connection cable is fixed.

Last week review 05-2022Then there was an announcement that OBS Studio will soon be available as a native version for M1 MacBooks. This is very pleasing, because I have been using OBS for quite some time to record my screencasts and tutorials under Windows. Of course, it would be great if the same software would be available to me on the MacBook. I have now taken first steps with Quicktime, but I found that not user-friendly and flexible.

Therefore I wait for a new version.

Last week review 05-2022On 01.02. was once again “Change your password” day. This is urgently needed, considering that the most used passwords are still “12345678” or “password”. I have already published several articles about securing passwords. The goal was always to generate a password with at least 10 characters and a combination of characters, digits and special characters. If necessary, you can use a password manager like KeyPass, which is available for different systems.

Today, the recommendation goes more in the direction of 2FA, in which another code is generated in addition to the password, e.g. on the cell phone. In the meantime, I also use such a procedure to access my WordPress blogs, because I notice more and more unauthorized attempts.

All in all again very eventful weeks. I hope you like the articles and I am looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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