Last week review 05-2016

Last week review 05-2016 and arround there is stormy weather coming up and it is supposed getting worth on monday..

Last week review 05-2016On February 1st we had the  “Change your password” day, a day to remember us not to be too floppy with your passwords. Still the most popular passwords are something like “123456” or “secret”. The basic requirements for a good password are being at least 8-12 characters long, combining with capital letters and not being a name of one person in your family or your friends. Since today almost everybody has more than one account its getting kind of difficult to rember all the different passwords, hope you have different passswords for your different accounts. In my article “Safe passwords on all systems” we took a look on  a password safe like KeyPass., which i use a little bit over 3 years and no problems at all. I’ll use this tool on Windows an Android systems. Now if you invent a pretty complex password, like arround 20 characters long as a masterpassword for the password safe, than you’re able able to generate complex passwords for your FaceBook or Google+ account which are hard to break. And you could fullfill another requirement to change your passwords on a regular base, like every month or so. Now there no reason to use simple passwords which a regular desktop PC can break within seconds.

Last week review 05-2016After Adobe published a sort of min-update in the last-but-one week, i did a feature request for a coming Lightroom 7 or CC2016 version, which in my opinion and depending on my workflow is necessary to improve Lightroom. Performance is still a big issue on Lightroom though computers get more and more powerful and we already store the catalog and the preview files on a fast SSD. But from to version to version performance is still a big deal. Maybe one reason for this is Adobe is keeping to add functions like Panorama,HDR and the face recognition, which nobody really needs, at least not in a raw converter.  There a are better solution and sometimes even free of charge.

Here is my appeal to Adobe to go back to the roots, because Lightroom is a very good raw converter, but moduls like the web modul or the slideshow are not needed in a raw converter. And talking about panorama there are better solutions like ICE or Hugin, which are free of charge. If Adobe would take these resources into approving the overall speed of Lightroom it could be a great raw converter.

Last week review 05-2016And then this week WordPress released version 4.4.2 , a maintance and security update  which i installed on all my blogs. Meanwhile i made good experiences with one blog automatically installs securitiy updates. This function is arround for quite a while and be deactivated but for security updates within a major release i’m thinking about activating this feature.

An eventful week and i  hope that some of the articles on this blog gained your interests and i look ahead to your comments/suggestions.

As promised in the last week review i could test out the improvements in Lightroom 6.4 CC2015.4 and report on the results next week.

ciao tuxoche

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