Last week review 13-2020

Last week review 13-2020 and we’re all caught in the  #WeStayAtHome 😉 even though it is beautiful weather this week

Last week review 13-2020Almost fitting to this situation i reported on my experiences on timelapse captureing over a longer period of time. Those timelapse sequences i did as a example like to document plant growth are very suitable for photography at home.

With a captureing time of a couple of days its almost possible only at home if you want your camera to be safe. For this you need a constant light to avoid flickering in the final video. Earlier i tried to use a flash gun for this, but the light emmision is not constant enough for this. So for this most recent experiment i used one of Godox SL60W LED lights which made a good job in terms of a constant light emmission.  Last week review 13-2020

Next we must take care about the power supply for the camera, because the battery should not last this long. With the Lumix G9 you can use the delivered power adapter while with the Lumix G81 you need an additional dummy battery to provide external power. With the Lumix G81 you can use either wall power or a powerbank while in the Lumix G9 the camera needs that much energy that the rechargable battery is always used to a certain amount.

The rest is the normal workflow for timelapse sequneces. Exporting the images a full size JPEG files and rendering the video with Da Vinci Resolve .

Last week review 13-2020And this weekend it was again time to switch all clocks to daylight saving time. Did you setup the clock in your cameras. If no now its the time to switch. If don’t change the clock that isn’t fatal because you can alter the capture time later on Lightroom

And talking about Lightroom. There are a couple of articles available on the net so save 2 ,month of the subscription price. All you have to do is to login into your account and preceed with cancelling your Adobe plan. In the 3rd step you’ll get the offer for other plans including the offer for two month free.

Last week review 13-2020

I invested the saved money for Affinity Photo, because Serife offers all programs of their suite  (Publisher,Photo and Designer) at a 50% discount price. And this inlcudes Affinity Photo for the iPad.

But anyway this was an interesting week  and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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