Timelapse with flash

I’ve done quite a number of timelapse videos, but this there was timelapse planned with a flash, does it work out?

I wanted to do a timelapse with flowers to blossom up. The challange is, you can’t calculate the time, the flowers need to blossom up, one is faster other are much slower, Therefore i did a little test, which i already published.

Timelapse with flashAs you can see in the making of, i setup one flash for the timelapse and a little soft-box attached to it.

First of all the [post id=145]Yongnuo 568 II[/post] and both the [post id=149]radio triggers[/post] worked very reliable and mastered this little test absolut perfect. And we talk about a little more than 500 images.

Taking a look at the video, you may recognize that i should have used a second flash for the background, but ths experience i’ll keep in miend for the next timelapse.

The other experience i made is not to use ETTL the next time, and use a manual mode to achieve a more even exposure on the images. Using ETTL i guess that the decreasing white part from the background there are some differences in exposure.

But such a topic is good for making experiences 😉 and anyway i like the result

Post processing the 500 images was done with Adobe After Effects to minimize the differences in brightness and in Premiere Pro to render the video.

What do you think about the timelapse? Would it be a better alternative to setup continuous lightning. Just leave me your comments and/or suggestions. And of course i like a +1,Like or a twitter share ,-)

ciao tuxoche

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