Review last week 14/2014

Last week 14/2014 and the weather is sort of hazy, but being this early in the year there is no reason to bleet about it.

Review  last week 14/2014The first [post id=261]article[/post] this week dealt with diffraction blur on closing the aparture too much. For landscape or architecture photography you want as much depth of field as you can get, so you close down the aperture. But be aware closing down too much will result in images that are not as crisp as you maybe used to. The effect of the diffraction blur depends on the aperture and there are significant differences between a full frame or a crop camera. Usually a full frame camera will toloerate closing down the aperture a little bit more.

Of course the output size of the image must be taken into consideration. A typical small web out or a small printout will handle closing the aperture more than 100% view on a monitor. The examples show that for a crop camera like Canon 7D closing down the aperture to f 8.0 is the maximum to avoid diffraction blur, while a full frame will cope with f 16. But make a test for yourself.

Review  last week 14/2014In the second [post id=282]article[/post] this week i showed a timelapse video as an example. The images then were processed again using Lightroom process version 2012, which offers a lot more opportunities doing highlight or shadow recovery. You should try to develop some of your older images again and see the results.

But you have to decide yourself developing older images again, because if you do you’ll never get a final result. For me i decided to try it on a couple of images, and as you can see the timelapse video was improved.

Next week we’ll take a look on taking a timelapse video with flash. I look ahead on your comments/suggestions or your questions. If you prefer not to comment an article i certainly appreciate a +1, Like or Twitter share.

And to remind you i installed a further newsfeed for this blog via feedburner, so if you like take a look at it

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