Last week review 29-2021

Weekly review 29-2021 and we have had to experience flooding here in the west, which has destroyed the affected villages and towns very badly. The pictures that one sees in addition are shocking.

Last week review 29-2021This week it was once again about denoising, because now ON1 has also released its own denoising tool NoNoise AI. The program is available for Mac as well as Windows and is with nearly 75,– € quite in a usual range. However, you can download a trial version to get your own idea of the program’s capabilities.

The program can be used both on its own but also as a plugin for various programs so of course Lightroom and Photoshop CC. However, ON1 NoNoise AI would rather have RAW files and warns when you call it as a plugin from Lightroom Classic.

In terms of results, ON1 NoNoise AI is quite comparable to Denoise AI or DxO PureRAW. In automatic mode, however, the denoising is emphasized a bit too much, which then comes at the expense of the details. In this case, it is recommended to reduce the denoising a bit and to sharpen the image.

Last week review 29-2021

However, it is difficult for me to find a clear winner in a comparison with Topaz Denoise AI.

Last week review 29-2021

Then WordPress 5.8 was released, which has some, from my point of view, smaller innovations. WordPress Tatum as it is called expands the block operations and widgets. Only the automatic update function does not seem to have taken effect here, because I had to adjust my blocks manually. By the way, Internet Explorer is no longer supported as a browser.

AAll in all again very eventful weeks. I hope you like the articles and I’m looking forward to your questions and comments. And apart from that, the situation is slowly getting better and more and more facilities are opening. I am looking forward to next week, because then my 2nd Covid vaccination will at least theoretically take full effect.

ciao tuxoche


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