Last week review 40-2020

Last week review 40-2020 and at least there was alot of rain last week, almost enough  😉

Last week review 40-2020This week i reviwed the update from Tpaz for the Denoise AI version 2.3. Too me the update was free of charge, probably because i licensed Denoise AI  in February. A comment in my blog stated that the software company Topaz will be charging for every update with summer of this year.

Last week review 40-2020

This will end up that within the period of one year Topaz will offer only smaller bug fixes but no new features. Every new features or new functions have to get another license again. This is no subscription modell because you’re free to choose to skip one update/upgrade if the added functionality is not worth the money. I understand of course that a company must make money to stay on the market.

Last week review 40-2020But if i had to pay for the update to Denoise AI 2.3 i would advised in my review to probably skip this update and wait for 2.4 or even a 3.0 version. The new mode mode and the so called GPU support is not worth to spent another $60,– . And compared to DxO Photolab noise reduction is not as good in Denoise AI. But DxO Photolab costs almost 200,– €.

In the last but one week a sneak preview on the upcomping Photoshop CC version was published inluding the coming Sky Relpacement tool. This will be a direct competitor to Luminar 4 or the upcoming Luminar AI.

Last week review 40-2020This week Adobe publisehd another preview on the upcoming Lightroom Classic version. This new feature will include color wheels for easier color grading of stills, just you know them from Da Vinci Resolve. Interesting aspect of this new tool that now it will possible to influence the midtones of an image sepeartely. The new versions probably will be announced during the Adobe Max conference starting on October 20th.

But anyway this was an interesting week  and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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