Last week review 32-2020

Last week review 32-2020 and it got warmer every day until the weekend where it was almost intolerable 🙁

Last week review 32-2020This weeks topic was again the 50mm prime lens or the 25mm lens for mFT systems. I did a comparism between the Lumix 25mm/1.7 and the Leica 25mm/1.4. I already reproted on my experiences with the 25mm/1.7. There i detected the effect that stopping down the aparture to f 2.8-4.0 led into images which are not as sharp as the could be. But normally one would expect that images get sharper compared to aparture wide open.

And honestly i was a little bit disappointed by the Leica 25mm/1.4, in particular using the fastest aparture. At f 1^.4 the optical perfomance is satisfactory at the most. From f 2.0 on the performance is good. Maybe i got 2 lenses which are not the best. What you can expect from an excellent lens shows the 12mm/1.4 Leica. If you get a good copy you might as well prefer the 25mm/1.7 considering the price difference between the two lenses.

Last week review 32-2020In the last week review 26-2020 is reported on Olympus selling their camera division. And there were discussions about Olympus beeing able to publish new camera or lenses.  Last week Olympus presented the new Olympus EM10 MK IV and the Zuiko 100-500mm/5-6.3 lens. The EM10 MK IV can be preordered for under $700. But i can’t understand while the flipping display goes to the bottom. There might be a tropod in the way and cover the display when filming yourself or capturing a selfie. With the telezoom i would be interested in a comparism to the Leica 100-400mm.

Last week review 32-2020And talking about filming yourself. For my Youtube videos i mainly use the Lumix G81 and sometimes the Lumix G9. For control of the image i either an external monitor but most of the time my iPad with the Panasonic Image App. This works pretty well with the exception that there is no control for the micropohne level in the app. But a couple of days ago i tried to do this with my iPhone but there was no way to get the app in landscape mode. It took a while before i got aware of the setting of the portrait orentation was locked.

But anyway this was an interesting week  and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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