Last week review 25-2020

Last week review 25-2020 and this week there was almost enough rain, if it was finally enough we’ll see later.

Last week review 25-2020In my little articel series about the iPad Air this week the questions was is it possible to use the tablet for processing video clips. To get straight to the point the iPad Air has enough power to do this. With the help of the  Lumafusion App  one can edit 4K video clips and render them to the final videeo.

The App is with 30,– € a little bit pricy but worth every cent..Since the new iPadOS can handle every data storage medium there are no drawbacks for editing videos on this system. But the clips must be stored locally on the iPad Air before editing videos with Lumafusion.

Last week review 25-2020Lumafusion can handle up to 6 video/audio tracks. You won’t miss any function necessary to trim clips, edit them and to render the final video. And the usage of the pecnil makes it even easier and more intuitiv. And even processing on a tablet playback and exporting clipos in 4K resolution is an ease.

Last week review 25-2020Then on tuesday we had the Adobe day. On this day Adobe released updates for Lightroom Classic, Photoshop CC and Adobe Camera Raw after they published an update Lightroom CC for smartphones and a new camera app for phones.

Last week review 25-2020Besides smaller changes like the new logo or displaying informations about the sync status on the right hand corner of the programm there is not that much new. Hue corrections can be done locally now the correction brush.

Last week review 25-2020In Photoshop CC there is an improved masking function in particular for portrait photography. I checked out this function even though i’m not a protrait photographer. For an automatic function the results a pretty good but you probably need manual corrections even in the future.

All in all smaller improvements which are senseful. But in a subscription model is is harder to offer new functions to the customers.

But anyway this was an interesting week  and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments. And of course keep the distance to each other.

ciao tuxoche



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