Last week review 36-2017

Last week review 36-2017and talking about weather it feels more and more like fall  😉

Last week review 36-2017This week the main topic was video again and here specifically the workflow and a possible solution for post proecessing 4k video clips with Adobe Premiere CS6 which come either from a Lumix G81 or the DJI Mavic Pro 4K video clips offer full details and sharpness on one hand but are a challenge for the hardware on the other hand, mainly for a laptop where those clips can’t be processed fluently.

The solution is called proxy editing where video clips smaller in size and resolution are used for processing like cutting, color corrections an so. A smaller format like 720p or Full HD with 1920x1080px are used at a maximum. But probably for longer video clips you’ll use the proxy files because you need a little bit of time to convert the files from 4k to a smaller format. These files converted with the Adobe Media Encoder can be easily edited even with a laptop. After post proecessing is finished you’ll just take the original 4k video clips and render the video in the needed size and resolution. If you own Adobe Prmemiere Pro CC version you don’t need this because Adobe implmented this in the software.

Last week review 36-2017This week Adobe released a new version of Adobe Camera RAW tool mainly because of the new raw format of the Nikon D850. Lightroom CC doesen’T get an update right now and users of Lightroom CC are encouraged to use a Adobe DNG converter plugin, which uses the ACR for editing D850 raw files in Lightroom CC while a native support for those files is missing so far. Adobe will add support for the Nikon D850 and a couple new Nikon lenses later on in Lightroom, according to their blog post Adobe will combine this with a “high quality update”. Maybe this is do to the performance problems in Lightroom CC which Adobe admitted in a blog post mentioned in last week review 28-2017.

Last week review 36-2017And at the end i got myself new hardware which i describe next week. I had a lot of time to try out things and i replaced mainboard, CPU RAM and the graphic card. Meanwhile i did a clean install with Windows 10 but we get the details next week.

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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