Last week review 28-2017

Last week review 28-2017 und this week we got the needed rain, but maybe a little bit too much  😉

Last week review 28-2017This week we had the topic image optimisation und this time in particualr in WordPress. If you’re running your own blog there is need for smaller images to minimize download sizes for your users and bring oversized images to a recent one. There are a couple plugins available which optimize and downsize the uploaded images on a server from the service provider. The freely available versions of those plugin are restricted to the number of images which can be optimized within a certain period of time.

I tried the plugins  WP SmushIT, TinyPNG and  Shortpixel and compared the results, why TinyPNG did the best results. I use the plugin TinyPNG for quite a while now. In the free version of this plugin you are allowed to optimize 100 images per month but you must keep in mind that depending on your settings for every uploaded image the plugin generates 6-7 images with different sizes.

Last week review 28-2017Once in a month there is Microsoft patchday. This time my Windows 10 system downloaded 3 bigger partch files. The patches will close 54 security vulnerabilites while Microsoft categorized 19 as crtical. If you need informations about the patches you’ll find them in this Microsoft document. Besides the Windows system itsself a security issue in the SMB protocol was closed and other errors in the IE and edge browser and the Office suite.

Last week review 28-2017I rubbed my eyes reading a blog post from Adobe Adobe on the Lightroom Jounal. In this blog post the Lightroom Product manager Tim Hogarty admits Lightroom being slow. But admiting Lightroom having performance problems is the first step. In this Hogarty points out that Adobe is working on  performance issues for over a year now and now they start a survey where users should mention all situation where Lightroom performance is poor. In my blog post “Lightroom CC feature request” i pointed out the performance problems in Lightroom 6. In another blog post i pointed out not to implment more and more functions but first take of the poor performance in Lightroom CC, especially the GPU support is not worth to talk abouit it and the export is slower compared to Lightroom 4 version.

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche

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