Last week review 11-2017

Last week review 11-2017 and this week even the weather feels like spring  😉

Last week review 11-2017

In the blog post “Why always ISO100” we picked out higher ISO settings on your images always go along with higher noise and depending on the size of the used sensor. There is a relation between higher ISO settings and possible noise on the hand side and the size of the sensor on the other hand.

I already compared the tendency for noisy images on a full frame, a crop and and a mFT camera und there was an diistance of 1 EV between the different sensor sizes. But since you don’t make test fotos the noise in an image or better if you feel it disturbing depends on your personal taste and the image itsself.

Last week review 11-2017
Blätter mit Eiskristallen

On large unicolored areas like the sky you probably recognize noise even with low ISO settings and maybe you find it disturbing while on other areas which are detailed and structured even higher ISO settings will work out perfectly.

This is why you shouldn’t fear higher ISO settings and increase the ISO setting instead of getting a shaky image even with a stabilizer. In a later blog post we’ll talk about getting rid of the noise or at least reduce it.

Last week review 11-2017Then Microsoft canceled the february patchday because of last minute problem not clearly documented. The patchday did take place this tuesday. But probably the run on the patches was very high, because downloading the patches took a unusual long time. Sometime the download inidicator stayed at the same value for a couple minutes. The patches finally were installed without any problem, but which problem forced Microsoft to cancel in february still is not clear.

And last but not least Adobe released another update for Lightroom Mobile this week, but it should be an error correction update only. Which errors were corrected with the new version 2.3.1 is not documented because there is no blog post about the update.

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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