Last week review 19-2018

Last week review 19-2018 and after a summerly start its now a little uncomfortable  😉

Last week review 19-2018

This week i took  a closer look on the DJI Go App which in connection with Firmware starting from version 1.04.100 allows to capture panoramas on a DJI Mavic Pro. It was sunny weather and no too windy so i could fly with the drone and test the app. Besides horizontal and vertical panoramas most interesting too me are of course the sphere panorama capability.

The main advantage for the DJI Go App compared to other apps like Litchi is that the panorama can be stitched on your smartphone with the app. This allows you to share the resulting image on social media with your smartphone. To make sharing a little bit easier the dimensions or the resulting panorama are reduced to  4.096×2.048 px . But this method has disadvantages. One the hand the DJI Go App doesn’t use the +30° settings of the Gimbal so there are actually 2 rows missing in the sky area to stitch the panorama.

Last week review 19-2018

The missing part of the sky area has to be substituted in the app, this sometimes works out and sometimes it doesn’t. If you raw format files as a regular setting you could try to stitch the panorama on base of the DNG files with one of different pano tools available.

Last week review 19-2018As usually once a month there was the patchday again, where updates for Windows and other applications were delivered. For Windows the patch repaired more than 20 critical errors, mainly for the scripting engine, used for example by Edge browser. Again Adobe delivered a patch for security issues with Adobe Flash, but no one really is surprised by this one. But also for Creative Cloud there was an update for Creative Cloud Desktop application patching a security issue.

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments. And next week we take a look at the 2. part of DxO Photolab. 

ciao tuxoche

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