Last week review 04-2018

Last week review 04-2018 and the weather arround in my area feels a lot more like spring and not like winter 😉

Last week review 04-2018Actually i planned to publish the second part of my Darktable post, but then Adobe released Photoshop CC in version 19.1 this week.

The new version offers a new selection tool besides the support for high resolution monitors. The new selection tool is supported thru Adobe Sensei which implements a one click option to find and mark a main subject in image.

This selection seems to have its main focus on a person or groups of persons, because the other results i got while trying this new function were from good to sort of nice try. On the other hand there are situations where the tools doesn’t find a main subject at all or the function doesn’t include out of focus areas of a main subject like in close-up or macro photography.

The new selection tool “mark subject” is mainly a base to support the user and requires more or less manual corrections on the marked subject.

Last week review 04-2018The DJI released a new drone this week, the new DJI Mavic Air. Maybe some of us hoped for the release of DJI Mavci Pro II, but the new drone is in terms of size and portability between the DJI Spark and the already mentioned DJI Mavic Pro. Maybe a little bit more resolution and if were at a wish list maybe a larger sensor would be good for a DJI Mavic Pro upgrade. DJI hat diese Woche einen neuen Kopter vorgestellt, We have to wait and see if video processing for 4K videos will be improved, beacuse the Mavci Air offers a footage handling with  100MBit/sec.

Intel users might listen attentively, because the cpu company warned about their own patch for the Meltdown and Spectre security issues. Applying the patches might lead into uncontrolable reboots on some systems so it might be better not to apply the patch and risking more severe problems in some environents rather than leaving the security hole open. On other systems the patches might lead into performance problems.

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments. And promised next week i post my second part of Darktbale.

ciao tuxoche

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