Last week review 2-2017

Last week review 2-2017 and it’s supposed to get colder, but arround here in my area snow and a rela winter is rather seldom 😉

Last week review 2-2017This week my new mFT camera the Lumix G81 was one topic, and the G81 is a replacement for my Lumix G6. I decided to get this camera for quite a while now, but the combination of a rebate offer of a big electronic amrket and the Panasonic Cash Back offer made up my decision to buy it right now.

The camera is a little bit bigger in size compared to Lumix G6. But this will improve handling. But most important for the must-have thoughts is the image stabilization built in the body, so non-stabilized lenses like the Olympus 9-18mm will benefit from the feature. allowing longer exposure times.

Last week review 2-2017Besides the stabilization and other features like focus-stacking and raw conversion in the camera too me one important feature was to get started with 4K video. Now i’m hopeing the weather will clear up a little bit.

Last week review 2-2017This week was the first Microsoft patchday this year, where Microsoft patched 4 security issues, in the Office suite and how surprising for the flash player. The installation worked out without any problems, but with the last updates i wondered because of the donload stopping after 70 or 80% for a couple of minutes before continueing.

Last week review 2-2017And talking about security updates this week WordPress released the security update with version 4.7.1. Like mentioned earlier i activated automatic feature on all 3 of my blogs. So i just recieved an email about the update succesfully installed.

This week almost everybody talked about Facebook and here especially about the app for Android system. After the newest update the app ate up a lot more battery power from your smartphone than usual. The last couple of days i realized that the battery capacity did go done to 15-20% in the evening. compared to the usual 40-50%. I deinstalled Facebook but i can’t cope with the alternatives like Swipe Pro. The other alternative FaceBook Lite app offers every needed function. But the app belongs to problem apps, because it won’t switch to landscape mode on a tablet. 🙁

Last week review 2-2017And now at the end Adobe got a lot of attraction with the preview of a concept to drive image processing with your voice. Until now it a concept only but we have to wait and see if voice control will be implemented in apps like  Lightroom Mobile.

This would be a cool feature for the mobile apps. .

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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