Last week review 19-2017

Last week review 19-2017 and its getting warmer but also more rainy  😉

Last week review 19-2017This week week we dealt with the question if development presets in Lightroom are a good starting point for image processing and how we define presets in Lightroom. The function to apply settings with a preset to an image in Lightroom is arround for quite a while. Besides defining our own presets presets for special development are available for download on different websites for almost any scope of application.

Presets,especially those you define yourself,  should alter not too many settings. One setting or more settings from on group should be enough, like settings for lights and shadows.

Last week review 19-2017Presets are limited in a manner that for 2 exceptions, tonal correction and lens corrections with a lens profile, they only apply settings to an image like a template. There is no individual handling of the image. This is another reason to combine just a few settings in a development preset. This is also the reason i use only a couple presets like for the lens correction, high contrast development and maybe converting to b/w.

Last week review 19-2017This week was Microsoft’s Patchday again, The are corrections for 10 errros, at least 8 critical according to Microsoft. Updates were rolled out Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Edge Browser. Besides these Microsofts Office got updates too and probably no surpises Adobe Flash Player needed updates again. Installing the updates was done without any problems so far.

Last week review 19-2017Meanwhile the fact, that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a non interchangable battery is becoming a problem for me. Last week i experienced the first day with the need for a recharge while at work either with USB or with a PowerPack.  This is bad because the phone is less than 2 years old 🙁 and when i bought it it had a price of 600,– €. Now i to answer myself the question to change the rechargable battery at a price of arround 60,– € or buying a new phone. A new phone probably would be the best solution but i want a phone bigger than the S6. But newer phone with the display sizes i prefer are getting more slim. But i sort of like the Huawei Mate 9, but i didn’t decide it finally yet.

But anyway this was an interesting week and I hope you like the blog posts and i’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

ciao tuxoche


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