A mobile power socket

Post update on 22.Feb.2015

Smartphone or  [post id=60]Tablet[/post] users are almost used to it, depending on your habbtis the battery will last as long as you might wish.

 A mobie power socket Looking at the power consumption this will part over the different services  (in the screenshot the consumption of the Google+ service compared to the display is conspicuous).

Using the smartphone or your tablet on a regurlar base the battery is emptied faster then you like. Beginning in the morning checking the first emails or WhatsApp notifications.

I’m pretty active on  Google+ and i use the bus transport to work to check the most important posts. A couple of phone calls or actvitvating BlueTooth because of wearing the Samsung Galaxy Gear battery power will last not even 24h.

A little bit of help is promised via a Power Bank, am external battaery pack, which are not expensive any more.

Like mentioned in the video a msartphone like the Sasumg SIII can be recharged about 2,5 times (starting from a 15% battery charge) and a Nexus 2013 1,5 times. The battery pack is pretty compact in size in helps your smartphone to stay alive a little bit longer. And you are able to go down to 15-20% battery charge and start then to recharge your phone. Til now i had to start recharging at 30-40% because charging takes a while and after work i wanted to check my posts again.

Because of different plugs almost all kinds of gadgets should be rechargable, including an IPad. What i didn’t try til now is to recharge two device at the same time, but this surely will come 😉

What do you think about those helpers or do you any experiences? Just drop me your comments or questions, both are welcome.

ciao tuxoche

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