Many apps consume much power

The title is sort of truism, but the more apps you use on your smartphone your battery will give up pretty early.

Viele Apps verbrauchen viel StromWith my Samsung S III smartphone i reached a point where the battery lasts only til noon (more or less). The main  energy consumption  is done by the display, of course, but checking mail accounts regularly consume quite a bit of energy.

I’m pretty active on Google+ and read a lot of RSS feeds. Adding a little bit of  Facebook,  Twitter or Flickr  , a short run-time of the battery is quite obvious.

On my way to work i read all my Google+ notifications (at least i try and sometimes i won’t get through) and for the way back in the afternoon i have to recharge the battery.


Viele Apps verbrauchen viel StromTo solve this problem a couple of batteries form different manufactures with higher capacities are offered on the web. I decided to get a battery from  Anker with a capacity of 4000 mAh aufweist. Of course such a battery is bigger in dimensions so most of these offers are a combination of the battery and a new rear cover. If you’re using NFC watch out, because there are some offers without the NFC chip built-in the battery.

Viele Apps verbrauchen viel Strom

The smartphone doubles its height with this battery, but it still fits good in my hand. And the additional weight isn’t a problem either at least for me. With this battery lasts all the day long til the evening and then has a remaining capacity of 30-40%.

What do you think about such a battery replacement for your smartphone or you happy with the run-time of the original battery? Or do you take 2 batteries or 2 smartphone with you? I’m happy to hear from you in the comments.

ciao tuxoche

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