Last week review 20-2016

Post update on 14.Aug.2016

Last week review 20-2016 and being in May the weather is sort of mixed, but we can’t have everything ūüėČ

Last week review 20-2016As posted in the last week review Corel’s announcement to Aftershot Pro 3 ¬†and claiming to be 4x times faster cmpared to Lightroom made me curious. So i downloaded an available trial version for Windows 10 ¬†and tried out the new version. The results were posted in this weeks article.

To foreclose the result, Aftershot Pro 3 didn’t make a positive impression on me. Corel sues that is no need or better force to import your images first before processing. But zooming into the picture sometimes leads into a funny error message saying that there is no image available.

Last week review 20-2016Secondly i wasn’t able to verify AfterShot Pro 3 being 4x times faster than Lightroom doing batch export jobs, because none of the jobs i tried finished. According to the log file there decoding errors on most of the images form a 5D MK II and a 7D even though converting those images with Lightroom worked out without any problems. ¬†Aftershot seems to be faster calculating the time converting on image. And talking about costs Corel compares incomparable parameters in their list. ¬†Corel has to do a lot of work to be a serious competitor to Lightroom.

Last week review 20-2016Up til now i got 6 months of experience with a WordPress plugin to optimize and clean up the database. WordPress saves a new revision of a blog post or a page after corrections/changes. Spam comments are stored in the database too and wait for manual delete. If a blog post isn’t published storing different revisions of your article makes sense, but after publication the content is fixed, so revisions not needed any more could be deleted. For this purpose you should install the ¬†Optimize Database¬†plugin, which deletes unnecessary blog post revisions and spam either with one click in the admin panel or on a scheduled base.

I hope you like the articles and i am looking forward to your comments and questions.

ciao tuxoche

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